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Modern Oaks is a fashion and grooming blog that provides versatile style inspirations for men. Our goal is to keep men fashionable,  presentable, attainable, and desirable.


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Tie-cessories Pt. 1 - The Tie Bar

Aaron x Andrews

Wearing a tie bar while you're dressed up screams Wall Street Success, and wearing one while you're dressed casual let's everyone know that you are the definition of comfort in style. Here is your how to guide to wearing a tie bar, the right way.

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The Ultimate Jogger Guide

Aaron x Andrews

Are drop crotches cool? Is my cuff too high? Side vs. Standard pockets? Zip vs. Drawstring? As if finding the right jean isn't hard enough, now men are challenged with finding the right pair of joggers. Take a look at the options and find the perfect pair.

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