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Rain or Shine


Rain or Shine

Aaron x Andrews

Imagine this... you wake up from a peaceful slumber and take a look at the weather for the day. That's when you notice that rain is in the forecast for the majority of the day. If you're like me, you instantly think about which dirty or tired gym shoe you're going to dig out of the closet and clean up to match with a comfortable outfit. If that's case... well, you're not alone. That's usually where most of our minds go when we think about dressing "appropriately" for the rain (I'm guilty of this on numerous occasions).

From this day forward, let's vow to change that and never let the rain impede our style! There are a variety of styles and water resistant options in the market to keep you looking your best and wanting to walk through puddles instead of leaping over them.


If there is one thing to consider investing in first, it would be a comfortable and trendy rain boot. As I mentioned, shoes often receive the least attention when rain is in the forecast. Don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself and invest in a rubber boot that is made to weather the storm (pun intended); you'll be eager to show them off!

Consider these brands:

  • Hunter
  • Off-Brand Rubber Chelsea Boots
  • Dr. Marten's
  • LL Bean Duck Boot



A rain jacket is a much more luxurious commodity than boots. Why? The rubberized texture isn't really ideal to wear season to season compared to a rain boot that could be worn year-round (not to mention the price is slightly higher). Nevertheless, a statement jacket such as the collections introduced by Stutterheim and Tretorn will not only elevate your fashion sense, it will add versatility to your wardrobe and protect your suede and cashmere overcoats from the wet weather.

Consider these Brands:

  • Tretorn
  • Stutterheim
  • Rains



For some, an umbrella is a hassle to tote around during the rain. If you rely on public transportation, then a large umbrella is somewhat inconvenient when you're cramped and pushing up against the subway neighbor who's encroaching on your personal space. Or, you could be the person who always purchases the cheap umbrella. You know... the ones that flip inside out and are laid to rest on the side of the street. Much like investing in a rubberized boot, investing in a quality umbrella should carry just as much weight. It doesn't have to be a designer umbrella by any means (although I am a fan of how they look, they are probably the least sturdiest of them all); instead it should be manufactured by a reputable wet weather brand. 

Consider these Brands:

  • Totes
  • Rains
  • Hunter