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How to Wear Sneakers in the Office


How to Wear Sneakers in the Office

Aaron x Andrews

There comes a time when a man just want's to be comfortable.

Most days I'm wearing a Chelsea Boot with an exaggerated heel (it's my addiction). Other days, I'm slipping on my Adidas NMD's or showcasing my casual sneaker collection (which includes brands like TCG, Filling Pieces, etc.). Even though I make my living in an office, my wardrobe articulates my interest in fashion. It's versatile and it's adaptable.

Wearing sneakers in the office is by far the trickiest fashion trend to master. Yes, it sounds simple to just throw a sneaker when getting dressed in the morning; but owning the look takes much more consideration. The look is best accomplished with an all white, low top, lace up, leather tennis or cap-toe sneaker with minimal branding and is often styled with a rounded non-accented toe (my favorites include Common Projects and Axel Arigato).

So... if you're in the market for a new sneaker or just looking to add some extra life to your Stan Smith Adidas, Gazelles, or white canvas sneakers; consider these three styling options to incorporate into your on the clock looks.


Pair your sneakers with slim/tailored suit (preferably blue or black) with a cuff that ends between 1"-3" above the shoe (all depends on your comfort level with showing your ankle).

Casual Comfort

Not into the whole suited look? No worries, try pairing some dress slacks or casual pants with a short sleeved shirt or sweater. Play around with color combinations here (max 3... it's an unwritten rule), and tuck and untuck this look whenever you please.

Friday Feels

Reward your versatility by drawing back a little and sporting a Friday/weekend look. Some office settings may not invite their associates to wear graphic shirts... or jeans for that matter. But, if possible, incorporate some of the trending throwback logo tees in your look to show the interns who's boss.