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When to Wear Brown with Black


When to Wear Brown with Black

Aaron x Andrews

Remember when you were told not to mix brown and black? Well, kick that myth to the side. If done right, mixing the two complimentary tones can successfully complete the high end southwestern aesthetic that you're looking to reveal.

Since we were all children, we have all had some exposure to what many call 'the unwritten rules of fashion'. Well, rules are meant to be broken and I'm here to dispel one in particular. Remember hearing your parents tell you that were only allowed to wear black shoes when wearing black, and wear my brown shoes when wearing blue? Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. When executed correctly, these two base colors have a unique way of complimenting each other. 

Here are a three idea starters to get you comfortable outfitting brown with black.

Brown Suede Boots

There is no doubt that my favorite shoe is a brown suede boot (don't judge... but I have three pair). Reason being? It's the perfect way to dress up a casual look; it gives you style in the office and that comfortable cool look when perusing the city. 

My favorite boots of the season:


Common Projects

Suede Chelsea Boot

Julian Suede Jodhpur Boot

Wyatt Suede Chelsea Boot

Zipped Strap Boot 



I like to go the Triple B route when wearing brown accessories; Bags, Belts, and Bracelets. For the most part, most of my accessories that fall under these three categories are leather (unless it's a bracelet which is either made of leather or stainless steel) because they age and weather well. Similar to the suede boots that i'm obsessed with, weathered accessories carry a vintage look that black or colored accessories can't emulate. 

One rule of thumb that I always consider when outfitting in the morning: Don't create your outfit around your accessories, let your accessories live on their own and breathe life to your outfit. Remember, accessories only compliment your look; they shouldn't be the focal point of the outfit but instead elevate and complete your aesthetic.

Here are a few accessories that are versatile:

Tom Ford

4cm Brown Full-Grain Leather Belt

Tom Ford

Suede Tote Bag, Olive

Tom Ford

Leather Gold-Tone Bracelet

Jean Shop

4cm Brown Distressed Leather Belt


Get the hint,
Make a statement

A little taste will keep them wanting more. Whether its wearing brown with neutral tones or brown with black, don't overdo it and only incorporate one or two pieces to accent your outfit. Whatever you choose to incorporate (whether its a boot, a bag, or any accessory of your choosing) make sure it makes a statement. As I grow older, I've changed my perspective from owning a wide range of moderate goods to investing in a smaller volume of quality goods. Why? They last longer and your investment goes further. If you're looking to really change the aesthetic of your wardrobe, invest in it. You'll see the ROI when your visits to Zara or H&M are lessened 10 fold. 

Smart investment pieces that will elevate your style:



Leather Pouch


Wool Blend Overcoat


Checked Cashmere Scarf