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Spring Fever


Spring Fever

Aaron x Andrews

I must admit, Fall and Spring are tied to be my favorite seasons when it comes to fashion and layering. However, the upside of the spring season is that its the gateway to the summer. Now is the time to have some fun with your wardrobe (you know, like buy those items you keep saving to your wish list on your favorite online shop). Make the move! But before you clean your closet, here are a few tips and pointers to help guide you in curating on trend spring looks that transition seamlessly into the summer season; because everyone loves a versatile wardrobe, right?

Color Palettes



Retro Athletic

From printed tees and neon accents, to sportswear apparel brands (like Champion and FILA); the retro look is being revived yet again. The retro style has always been a "thing" in fashion, but the looks have changed from season to season. This time around, an on trend retro look consists of sportswear brands that specialize in sweatsuits, velour, and color palettes that compliment red and navy tones.


Cuban Collars

Renew your passport and book your flight; Cuba is all the rage. With the travel ban lifted, fashion houses have introduced a new look in menswear that is light, fun, and relaxed. Cuban collars, often referred to as an open collars or camp collars, are the perfect way to celebrate warmer weather and show off that beach body physique you've been harboring all winter season. While it's meant to be a relaxed and effortless look, most of the camp shirts currently on the market are designed to make a statement. Have some fun with this style and try pairing a patterned shirt tucked in to a neutral toned short or trouser.

Check out these looks for inspiration:


British Rebel Outerwear

The rebel look has definitely been making its mark in mens fashion as of late and I don't see it leaving anytime soon. While ripped jeans, band shirts, and shearling jean jackets have made the British Rebel what it is today, aggressive and detailed bomber jackets are redefining the look; making British Rebel inspired Outerwear the must have item of the spring season. Consider adding a staple jewelry piece and don't be afraid to wear your distressed and combat boot to complete the look... after all, who said there were rules when you're a rebel?


Printed Tees

Don't save all the fun for yourself! Share the excitement with your closet and liven up your solid colored or color blocking pocket tees with printed and graphic shirts. Forget about the traditional logo tees that have become all too common in streetwear (thanks Urban Outfitters), but revive the printed tee with an all over or animal print. When we say animal though, we're not talking about animal patterns... we're talking about actual prints of animals (think Tigers). Yes, this may be a step on the "wild side," but a tamed and controlled look can make a huge statement. 

Of course, ultimate style is interpreting trends as you see them and styling them to compliment your comfort level. Don't forget to follow @AaronxAndrews on Instagram and share your #ModernStyle!