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On Notice: October 2017


On Notice: October 2017

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High Top Socks

Sneakers have experienced a strong resurgence in streetwear. For the last few years Jordans and high end sneakers (such as Balenciaga and x) have been staples in defining streetwear style. However, as high-end options became unattainable due to their sticker price (not to mention the overwhelming variety of knockouts flooding the scene) Adidas and Nike have returned to reclaim their throne in the athletic shoe industry. As consumers begin to re-invest in their sneaker game, there has been an expressed interest in exploring new ways to protect their shoes. 

Remember the high top white socks that your uncle wore with his black shoes? Well, that Uncle was a modern day trendsetter. More people are becoming comfortable wearing white high top socks with their sneakers (this past summer proves as evidence) and that trend shows signs of continuing throughout the fall as the season changes. Whether they are unbranded (no logo required), featuring a patch (small rose or saying patches are must haves this season), or branded (i.e. Original Adidas logo when wearing adidas, Nike when wearing Nike); socks will play a significant role in defining street fashion.