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Preventing & Treating Razor Bumps


Preventing & Treating Razor Bumps

Aaron x Andrews

No matter what a man shaves with, most men (especially men of color) will bump up from a very close shave. 

When shaving with a razor to minimize the bumps you always want to shave with the grain. Shaving with the grain simply means cut the same way that the hair grows. If you brush your hand against your face and it's smooth that means you're going with the grain, if it's rough it means it's going against the grain.

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

If your beard hair is thick and straight The less likely you are to bump up massively. If your facial hairs are are Soft and coiling/curly you are a likely candidate for clusters of razor bumps that will be unbearably irritating to the skin. 

In the event you do breakout from improper use of the straight razor, there are multiple ways to treat this condition effectively. When dealing with ingrown hairs, you have to first remove the top layer of skin by applying Salicylic and Glycolic acid.

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

These two products quicken the turnover of dead skin cells - which means it causes the layers to shed more quickly when applied to your skin. Though it may not expose the ingrown hair, it will speed up the process.

Most of the products you buy to treat these bumps/ingrown hairs have pretty much the same ingredient in common and that's "lemon". So for a nice home remedy, simply cut a lemon in half and rub gently on the affected areas. The citrus causes the bumps to dry out allowing the the hairs to burst back out through the skin.