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Battling the Winter Woes


Battling the Winter Woes

Aaron x Andrews

Staying warm during the winter season is no easy task. As soon as you think you have it figured out, mother nature quickly reassures you that you don't. I can't say I have the secret recipe for defending your body against the cold, but I have a few tips that will keep your toes warm and fend off that cold you've been fighting for the last few weeks. 

So goodbye winter woes, and hello seasonal success. Here are a few accessories that will be sure to keep you styling this winter season.

1. Colored Scarves

It's somewhat unheard of for a fashion blog to suggest any color outside from the neutral and nudes that dominate the industry, but a colored scarf can actually add a little flare to the black wardrobe many of us have during the winter season. I suggest a subtle forest green or deep red scarf. These colors are always safe and can be mixed and matched with black and brown. However, if those are your preferred colors of choice, there are many other options in the color wheel that may be just as effective such as Mustard, Navy, Deep Orange and the traditional neutral toned scarf.

Check out these options available on Mr. Porter:

2. Leather gloves

For many men, wearing gloves is a sign of weakness... trust me, I thought this for many years. However, as I got older, I realized gloves are not the enemy! I am a fan of accessories so finding the right glove is a tall order for me (not to mention that I'm 6'3" with big hands"). If you consider yourself a man of style, a leather glove is the ONLY option. Why? Knitted gloves says you bought them from a grocery store, and a fat ski glove shows that you can't escape your years of playing in the snow. 

Add a little flare to your winter gear and check out these genuine leather styles available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

3. Beanies

Beanies can be hit or miss for many people, and I must admit that I can't even pull this look off every time. As simple as it sounds, the trick to mastering this look is to not give it any thought. Matching your beanie and scarf is a no go. Your beanie should compliment your scarf and serve as a compliment to your personality. Still don't know what I mean? Just take a look at how these tastemakers mastered the beanie look!