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Winter Grooming Tips - Finding The Right Hat


Winter Grooming Tips - Finding The Right Hat

Aaron x Andrews

For many, hats are a necessity during the winter season. Finding the perfect winter cap may add that style you were looking for, but what you may not know is that it can negatively affect what you’re protecting underneath it… your hair!

Now I may be well manicured, but even I struggle with adopting a proper hair care routine. For this, I turn to international barber and grooming expert, Dennis Mitchell, who has a few tips on how to protect your hair during the harsh winter season.

Winter Hair Care Tips

Dennis "Denny Moe" Mitchell

Dennis "Denny Moe" Mitchell

For the most part, business at the barbershop declines during this season because people opt to grow their hair to longer lengths or wear hats to protect their head from the cold weather. As a barber for nearly 35 years, I’ve noticed that certain fabrics used to make winter hats have both a positive and negative affect on people’s hair.

However, wearing hats for an extended period of time can be damaging to your hair. For many, taking into consideration the materials used to create the designer hat you paid handsomely for may not be top of mind. However, not knowing which materials are good or bad for your hair texture could dry out your scalp and result in breakage or even bald spots.

As a barber, you learn that not all hair textures are the same and some textures can tolerate more than others. Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your hair healthy and strong during the dry and harsh winter season.

For thin and cottony hair:

Raw coconut oil is the best to protect it from breaking. Jamaican black castor oil is potent in strengthening, thickening and restoring the hair as well. Hair milk is a must. As I Am's Moisture Milk and Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk Styling Pudding are my top recommendations

Nine (9) times out of 10 thin hair cannot tolerate: Wool, Polyester, and Silks (this includes raw silks)

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

For thick bushy strong hair:

Some ways to soften and train your hair include deep treatments with natural essential oils and keratin which is a natural straightener. Even if you have thick curly hair it just loosens the hair up. Treat yourself don't cheat yourself.

Thicker textures should avoid nylons. Even if you don't know what your texture can tolerate, steer clear from nylons to avoid unexpected damage.

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Top tips to protect your hair:

Let's get to it. Keeping the skin soft and supple is the hardest in the winter season. Shea butter is natures greatest invention. It retains moisture like no other. It contains an abundance of irremovable fatty acids which renders it far superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters. It's therapeutic properties protect the skin from cold weather and wind. Whether used as a cream, melted as an oil or used as chapsticks or lip balm; this fatty acid is crucial in balancing the moisture of the skin.

  • Do not put any hat on dry coarse hair, keep your hair moisturized
  • Moisturizing allows the hair to be submissive and not fight a losing battle against a wool hat.

For Beards:

  • Certain scarves, turtle necks, and high collared coats will rub on your beard throughout the entire winter. Rubbing may lead to balding and irritation under your neck.

  • If you have been grooming your beard, you want it to look nice at all times and this problem can be a major setback.

  • To remedy this problem, I suggest you invest in a quality beard balm, beard wash and conditioner; particularly all natural beard products that focus on sensitive skin
Scotch Porter -  Beard Care Collection

Scotch Porter - Beard Care Collection

For example Scotch Porter Beard Balm is a great product that I recommend to all of my valued clients.

Also consider Scotch Porter Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner. Not only does it smell terrific, it will keep you beard protected from breakage and give your beard a great shine.

About Denny Moe's:

Photo by Aundre Larrow

Photo by Aundre Larrow

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