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Courage & Tradition
New York, New York

(630) 862-0819

Modern Oaks is a fashion and grooming blog that provides versatile style inspirations for men. Our goal is to keep men fashionable,  presentable, attainable, and desirable.


My mission is to spotlight fashion trends
and profile celebrities of ethnic background
who establish the tone + tenor for urban style
and inspire creative and economical interpretations to consumers.


Modern Oaks is led by Aaron Westbrook. 
As an award winning public relations practitioner,
Aaron has worked closely in identifying social influencers
for Fortune 100 companies and
top men’s grooming and lifestyle brands.

A Chicago native, Aaron is the owner of the
lifestyle brand Aaron Andrews, and has worked
collaboratively with DePaul University and
the Public Relations Society of America
to initiate the pilot PR program that targets
inner city youth across America.

Aaron received his educational training from
Northern Illinois University (B.S. Business Marketing) and
DePaul University (M.A. Public Relations & Advertising).